UFH Accessories

Edge Insulation Strip

 Designed to provide an expansion and insulation layer between the wall and screed floor layer. Available in two sizes with optional overlap and adhesive strip. 

Clip Rail

A range of mounting rails to cater for pipes from 16mm to 20mm, with options of self-adhesive tape or dual barb for secure fixing during underfloor heating installation. 

Tacker Staples

A range of staples designed for use with our Tacker gun. Available in three lengths and as single or double hooked staples. 

Tacker Gun

Manual stapling tool designed to allow quick and continuous pipe fixing to insulation layer. For use with tacker staples. 

Pipe Decoiler

Three types of pipe dispensers available, Low Roll, High Roll and Low Roll with telescopic arms. Designed to allow for pipe to be uncoiled consistently and easily to aid installation. 

Pipe Accessories

A range of Under Floor Heating pipe accessories, including pipe shears, pipe cutters, and calibrator for MultiLayer pipe.