Solid / Screed


Staples in Insulation

The latest multi-layer pipe holds its shape when

bent, this reduces the need for expensive fitting

systems. Plastic staples are pushed into the 

insulation, holding the pipe in place.


Clip Track

The clip track has an adhesive layer to fix direct to insulation, alternatively it can be mechanically fixed to a solid floor. The 16mm pipe simply clips into place, with clips every 50mm there is 

allowance for variance in pipe centres.

Suspended / Joist


22mm Structural Board

The innovative tongue and groove 22mm board spans the joists and replaces standard chipboard flooring, the board is grooved for a 12mm pipe. Once laid a 6mm ply is fixed to the 22mm board giving you a floor grade base to work from. 


Plates Between Joists

The aluminium plates are sized to span standard joist centres, the plates are fixed to either joist and the 16mm pipe is inserted within preformed grooves in the plate. 

Floating / Overlay


25mm Grooved Insulation

The insulation board allows for minimum height increase off a solid base. A bonded foil layer enhances heat transfer and the board is grooved to take a 16mm pipe, providing a cost effective and lightweight overlay solution.


15mm MDF Board

The 15mm board can be laid onto a solid floor, or intermediate floor that has been boarded. The panels are grooved for a 12mm pipe and are simply laid in a tile pattern and fixed to the subfloor. 

There are an increasing number of products on the market and at Black Underfloor we can satisfy most requirements. If you have a project you would like to discuss in more detail or you wish to explore alternative floor constructions, then please contact us on 01676 522484