Multi-Layer Composite Pipe is the optimum solution for modern building projects, offering all the advantages of both plastic and metal pipes combined. We also offer a PERT pipe for those looking for more flexibility and a 12mm solution for low profile installations. 



The distribution point of the underfloor system, our manifolds are stainless steel and come equipped with flow meters, fill and drain valves for ease of commissioning. 

If using a high flow temperature, then they will also be supplied with a pre-assembled temperature blending valve which is easily adjusted and comes with the latest Grundfos UPM3 circulation pump. This simply bolts on to the manifold for ease of install.



We offer a complete range of thermostats from a standard dial to the latest Wi-Fi enabled SmartStat, all available in hard wired or wireless versions. This is the one visible part of your system, so it is important we can offer aesthetics and functionality.


Fixing Systems

From a basic staple to hold pipe into insulation, through to the retrofit Profix system which can reduce floor height increase to as low as 15mm, we can offer a complete range. 


System Designs

All of our systems are designed in accordance with BS EN 1264. Our designed systems are all provided with a CAD pipe layout bespoke to your project.


Single Zone Solution

A single distribution unit with integral mixing valve and circulation pump. This unit can heat up to 25 sq. m and will operate direct from the heat source or bolted onto an existing heating circuit. Ideal for smaller extensions or conservatories.

Many more products available!


This is just an example of products we have to offer, for more information please call or email us.

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