Mutltilayer Composite Pipe

Multi-Layer Composite Pipe is the optimum solution for modern building projects, offering all of the advantages of both plastic and metal pipes combined with excellent value for money and peace of mind. 

2-12 Port Manifolds

All Manifolds come with Thermostatic Mixer, Flow Metres, Temperature Gauges and fill and drain valves.


A range of 230V and 24V digital thermostats for use in heating systems, including Simple Night SetBack (NSB), programmable and touchscreen. Features include, large, clear LCD screen, frost protection, temperature limiting and 3m remote sensor as standard. 

Spreader Plates

Made from 0.7mm thick brushed aluminium sheet, emission plates are designed to mount the Under Floor Heating pipework under suspended timber or battened floors. For use with 16mm pipe 

Overlay Systems

 Insulation Panels provide a flexible, cost effective solution for Floating Floor, Timber Suspended Floor, Floor on Floor and Battened Floor systems. 

CAD Pipe Layout

CAD Drawing included in every designed system. Detailing Manifold zones and Pipe lengths for each room.  

230V 4/8 Zone Wiring Centre

230V 4/8 Zone wiring box. Electronic control for underfloor heating systems. The control offers the possibility to connect up to 8 thermostats and 8 actuators. 1 pump output is available + boiler interlock, an input for an external clock for the activation of the section of the actuators and thermostats. 

Actuators N.C 230v

An electrothermic head is, essentially a 2 port zone valve that opens and closes the port to the underfloor loop when energised by the room thermostat. The electrothermic head is fitted to the return manifold bar.

Gerpex Press fittings

Gerpex Press Fittings have been developed to be used with Multi-Layer Composite Pipe as a clean, simple and more efficient alternative to traditional jointing methods such as soldered copper and threaded stainless fittings. With a definite press of each fitting the system will also give more confidence to the installer, developer and end user than push fittings. 

Single zone solution - up to 20m2

The single circuit mixing unit is a distribution unit ensuring reliable flow temperature control, flexible installation and easy start-up. It is supplied with a pre-wired Wilo Yonos Para variable speed pump and it is secured to anti-vibration brackets. 2 x ø15 copper pipe screw fittings for boiler inlet and return connections are also included in the package. 

Many more products available!


This is just an example of products we have to offer, for more information please call or email us.